Chaussure homme Apex Tour 2018 (M537-01) - Callaway

CALLAWAY - Chaussure homme Apex Tour 2018 (M537-01)

A stunningly pure design with Tour performance technology that will appeal to both the golfing purists and fashion conscious players alike.

Gibson lacing system
Easier foot access, and flexible adjustability.

Leather welt & lining
A traditional feature that creates an extra barrier and bond between the upper and the outsole.

Big Bertha® power cleat

Big Bertha® power cleat. With longer traction elements on one half of this asymmetrical cleat, we have bio-mechanically tuned their  osition on the sole to assist your energy transfer and enhance the power that can be generated through more  solid ground contact.

A secondary coloured pair of laces are included.

Chaussure homme Apex Tour 2018
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