Sac chariot Classic Plus - Cleveland

CLEVELAND - Sac chariot Classic Plus

A fantastic storage solution, this Cleveland Golf Classic Cart Bag allows you to carry, and organise a full set of golf clubs, as well as enough golf balls, tees and refreshments to more than last your stay on the golf course.

  • Cooler Pouch Keeps Refreshments Cool
  • 14-Way Divider Keeps Your Clubs Organised
  • Simple Tee Holder System on Large Front Pocket
  • 11 Other Large Pockets

This magnificent Cleveland Golf Classic Cart Bag is brimming with features, a calliper to hold your favourite golf towel, putter well for simple access to your game-winner, sturdy and convenient carry handle and a sensually comfortable strap are but to name a few. The 14-way divider has the capability to easily store a full set of golf clubs in a simple, organised manner, whilst the tee holder system on the large front pocket provides easy access to your tees. Cleveland realise golf is about the golfers more than the equipment, so they go out of their way to look after you by providing a simple, easy to move cart bag with a large cooler pouch on the front to carry the refreshments needed to get you through a perfect 18-holes on the golf course every time.

sac chariot classic plus cleveland

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