Putter O-Works Red R-Line - Odyssey

ODYSSEY - Putter O-Works Red R-Line

Odyssey is the #1 Putter across the major worldwide Tours, and we continue to dominate with the most worldwide putter wins of any brand this year. As the establi shed leader on Tour, it's our mission to constantly work with the world's best players, and take what we learn from them to develop high performance designs that help every golfer make more putts.

The new O-Works Red Putters were driven by extensive feedback from our staffers. Some of our players prefer a clean, simple look at address, and a number of them have asked to test models with a red finish and our revolutionary Microhinge insert technology.

We've had these prototypes out at events, and we've seen in testing that the pros absolutely love them. The red head colors have been generating interest, and we know that if the best players like something and putt well with it, real golfers are going to like it too.

Odyssey has set the standard for insert innovation since we introduced our legendary White Hot, and now we've reached an unprecedented level of performance with Microhinge. This insert technology has proven itself on Tour from the first time Phil Mickelson put it into play at the 2016 Ryder Cup, and it's created a new way to roll for pros and amateurs alike. Our R&D department focused on the effect of the insert and getting the ball into a better roll at impact.

For head shapes: the O-Works Red includes some of our most shapes of all-time: our iconic 2-Ball, and the #7. The 2-Ball is the best-selling head shape ever, and both of these models have dominated Tour events and major championships for years. We're also introducing an innovative alternative on the #7 model, featuring a short slant neck hosel. This hosel promotes more toe hang, which is a trend we're seeing a lot lately with our pros.

Putter Oworks Red 7 Odyssey 2017
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