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XXIO - Fers XXIO X Femme

The New XXIO X Irons are state of the art performance irons. Built for improved accuracy and distance, the XXIO X Irons' progressive design and True-Focus Impact Technology offer exceptional performance in every loft. XXIO X Experience Easier Distance

Features & Benefits
Key Features of the XXIO X Irons
    1. Stronger loft + longer club length? improve both distance performance and launch condition
    ? 1 degree stronger loft for each iron*3 and longer club length*4 enhance distance performance.
    ? 2 different high-density tungsten-nickel weights are located more backward in the thicker sole, and low-density titanium is used for the face to deepen CG location.
    The new XXIO X irons feature these unique designs for more distance and higher trajectory.
    *3: Except SW.
    *4: Men's graphite shaft irons only.

    2. Deep CG irons with comfortable look at the address
    While deepening the CG location, the XXIO X Irons retain conventional head shape and the sole is invisible at the address. Unlike excessive wide sole designs adopted by many deep CG irons, it provides comfortable look at the address

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