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CLEVELAND - Driver CG Black Custom

Driver swings on the PGA Tour clock in at more than 110 mph. According to Cleveland Golf, most recreational golfers play a much slower game and shouldn't be using the same drivers they see on TV.

Cleveland's new CG Black (260 grams) and CG Black Custom (275 grams) drivers have lightweight designs that cater to golfers with average swing speeds, as well as those who need more distance and forgiveness.

The CG Black driver is for golfers with less 95 mph of speed, while the CG Black Custom driver ? which has an adjustable hosel ? is for those who swing between 85-and-105 mph.

The CG Black Custom has what Cleveland calls Speed Innovation technology? that makes the club head lighter for faster swing speeds. It comes stock with a Mitsubishi Bassara E50 shaft (A, R and S-flexes in both left- and right-handed options), and comes with an adjustable hosel that provides loft options between 9 and 12 degrees.
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