Brosse pour clubs de golf (CA2W) - Longridge

LONGRIDGE - Brosse pour clubs de golf (CA2W)

- Double Sided Groove Cleaner
- Nylon Bristle Gently Cleans Woods
- Brass Bristle Cleans Irons
- Blister packed

The Longridge 2-way golf club brush has nylon bristles on one side for gentle cleaning, and brass wire bristles on the other for more aggressive cleaning of your irons. The brush?s angled design and moulded handle increases comfort and reduces strain on the hand, improving what would otherwise be a tiring task. The brush is attached to a key ring clip that allows you to attach it to your golf bag and ensure that it is always handy when you need it. Keep your clubs clean and ensure maximum spin and control of your shots. 
7,00 €
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