12 Balles de golf SOFT FEEL - Srixon

SRIXON - 12 Balles de golf SOFT FEEL

The new Srixon Soft Feeel is the most advanced 2 piece Ball in the soft performance category, with superior soft feel in every playing condition. It offers extraordinary flight performance off the Driver and is optimised on its short-game playability. With its enhanced spin properties it will boost the short-game performance around the green and develop a superior soft feel when putted.


  - Soft- Feel
        New soft E.G.G core which has softer compression by 12 points vs. previous model
        New softer Ionomer cover results in the softest feeling around the green in this category

  - Distance and more Spin

        New soft E.G.G, core for higher launch, lower spin and a straighter flight pattern
        New 324 speed dimple pattern for more distance and a penetrating trajectory
        New Ionomer cover which is 3 points softer vs. theprevious model, promotes more spin and  a greater soft feeling around the green

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