12 Balles de golf TW-G6

HONMA - 12 Balles de golf TW-G6

TW-G6 is a ball designed to aim both carry distance and spin, which are made possible thanks to a six-piece structure.

With TW-G6, carry distance and spin performance have been improved through the adoption of a multi layer, six-piece structure. A high initial velocity and hitting angle will place these balls on a very strong trajectory. A new soft-spin urethane cover produces a good feel and exceptional approach performance. These balls are ideal for serious golfers who want to do whatever they can to extend their flight distance by even another yard and/or another stroke count.

TW- G6 Specifications
   - Color: White
   - Structure: Six-piece
   - Cover: NEW soft-spin urethane cover
   - Second layer: High resilience Ionomer layer
   - Third layer: High resilience layer
   - Fourth layer: Mid-soft layer
   - Fifth layer: Soft layer
   - Core: Soft rubber core
   - Dimple: 336

Balle TW-G6 Honma 2016balees TW-G6 honma 2016
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