Club David Leadbetter SwingSetter PRO

Club David Leadbetter SwingSetter PRO

The SwingSetter Pro combines the proven training technology of the original SwingSetter with the practicality of an actual golf club. It maintains all the important aspects of the original Swingsetter: the auditory feedback you receive from the magnetic balls, the visual feedback from the plane pointer, and the kinesthetic feedback of the molded grip. The SwingSetter Pro, however, trades the EZ-See Club Face for a realistic head at the end of the club.

The added club head provides an additional source of feedback as it allows you to actually hit golf balls, while the original SwingSetter is intended more for indoor, off-the-course swing practice. The SwingSetter helps you develop the fundamental consistency you need for a powerful swing; the SwingSetter Pro puts that practice to the test, allowing you to immediately see the results as your ball soars faster, farther, and in the direction you intended.

With the SwingSetter Pro, you don't just see the difference - you feel it. It's like having David Leadbetter in your back pocket (or better yet, in your golf bag).

SwingSetter PRO Training Drills Online (Watch as David demonstrates how to use the SwingSetter PRO)
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